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Mooresville’s Brawley School Road Widening and Development Update

Anyone who lives in Mooresville down Brawley School Road knows that changes seem to be happening literally every day! Not only are the utility poles being installed in their new locations well inside many homes’ and businesses’ front yards requiring myriad trees to be removed, but more businesses have also moved since my last update and quite a few homes are now vacated and have bright red numbers on them.

By far the most dramatic of the changes is the preparation of the land for the new Mayhew Promenade across from Fast Phil’s which has changed the entire landscape around Stutts Road.

Saturday one of two remaining homes on the Mayhew Promenade lot was officially burned by the fire department while quite a crowd of neighbors looked on. When I stopped this morning to take this picture there was still one spot of flames and smoke.

It is hard to believe that just a few weeks ago this huge area was covered with tall trees and homes were nestled away in them.

In the meantime, The Auto Spa and several other businesses along Brawley School Road have also closed to make room for the widening which is now officiallly being given a “let date” (the date the project is awarded to the contractor) of August 19th for the section from Chuckwood to Williamson Road.

As a resident of Brawley School I must admit I have mixed emotions. Yes, I am very excited at the thought of having 4 wide lanes to ease the traffic. But, I am also a bit sad to see us loosing our wonderful wooded, peaceful roadsides and signs of a slower, gentler times gone by.

 * Update 9/14/08: The utility poles have been installed, most structures that had to be removed are now gone and the Bloom Market is looking great!


Mooreville’s Brawley School Road Widening Has Begun!

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One thought on “Mooresville’s Brawley School Road Widening and Development Update

  1. Tim Brumm says:

    Are there any “homes” that need to be moved or torn down for the Brawley expansion….or any other reason? I have a lot on Kemp Road down Brawley and would love to move a home there. Thanks, Tim

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