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Mooresville’s Christmas Parade 2011

Mooresville Lake Norman's Christmas parade float


Mooresville’s 67th Annual Christmas Parade is being held Tuesday, November 22nd (2011) on Main Street in Historic Downtown Mooresville kicking off at 3:30pm!

What, Mooresville’s Christmas Parade is before Thanksgiving?  It is a long story, but I guess each town around Lake Norman and Charlotte was designated a different week for their parades and Mooresville ended up with the Tuesday before Thanksgiving!

Every year our annual Mooresville Christmas Parade just keeps getting bigger and better  yet organizers work hard to make sure it retains its ‘home town’ feel.

With 160 floats, bands and vehicles (3500 participants in all) this year’s parade will be the longest in Mooresville’s 67 years!

The Parade, as always, will be on Main Street in Historic Downtown Mooresville beginning at Statesville Avenue and ending at Mills Avenue at the former Burlington Mill–a block farther than in previous years.

You really must stay until the end, not only to see Santa but, according to parade organizer Ron Johnson, “The float preceding the bearded fellow’s — sponsored by a business called Keeping it Green– will contain a small forest of lighted Christmas tress engulfed in blowing snow.  It’s pretty incredible!”

The Mooresville Christmas Parade is put on by the Mooresville Convention and Visitors Bureau.  For more information, call 704.662.8210.


One thought on “Mooresville’s Christmas Parade 2011

  1. Lisa says:

    It would be real nice if the parade could either be moved to a Saturday or Sunday, or at least let ALL schools out early so they would have time to get there, not like parents aren’t getting them out early for vacation. Yes, I am talking about Iredell Statesville schools. The Mooresville Parade has aways been a tradition and started my holiday off. They did use to start at 4pm and they keep getting earlier every yr. I know it gets dark toward the end, (put lights at end) but my kids don’t even get off the bus til 3:45pm. Anyway, just something to think about, not that it would ever change anything. Just hate that these kids can’t enjoy seeing their friends in this fun loving event.

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