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Rain and Lake Norman’s drought: Important Update!

The past threes days felt like pure magic. Something was falling from the sky but it has been so long I wasn’t sure at first what it was: RAIN!

Here is a chart from today’s Charlotte Observer showing how much rain our area actually received during this past three-day storm. Our own rain gauge registered about 2.75″ at our home in Mooresville.

Unfortunately, persistent drought conditions still exist in the entire Carolina region. Duke Energy has created a section dedicated to serving as a central source for drought information:

Duke Energy: Carolina’s Drought Information

Here you will find copies of all press releases as well. As of Oct. 25th they wrote: “The Catawba River Basin remains in a Stage 3 drought condition this week. Rainfall in recent days has been helpful but ongoing conservation and more rainfall is needed.” They went on to say “Based on recent data, Duke Energy estimates the basin would likely meet the triggers for a Stage 4 drought condition by mid-November to early December 2007. Stage 4 does not mean we are out of water–it means it will be time to enact further water use restrictions…”

If you are on private wells as most of us are around Lake Norman, you can also monitor the water tables in our specific “aquafer” where our Piedmont water comes from by going to the following site: Water Table Levels for Piedmont Province Aquifer

If you would like, you can also Check Lake Levels. These numbers are updated daily by Duke Energy. As of this morning Lake Norman was at 93.4 whiile our target is 97.1 and full pond is 100.0′


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