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Relocating to Lake Norman? Look no further than this Lake Norman Real Estate Blog!

Gorgeous Lake Norman cove view from waterfront home

Back in May of 2007 I launched this Lake Norman Real Estate Blog in hopes of providing meaningful information to Lake Norman home buyers and sellers. But, I was and still am particularly passionate about helping those relocating to Lake Norman just as my family did in 2005.  In the past 7 years I have met and sold homes to buyers from as far away as Russia, Australia and England who contacted me after reading my blog; some times for years!  How cool is that?

This is my 699th “post” or article.  In the past 7+ years Lake Norman have gone from a booming housing market to a recession and now a recovery.  The Lake Norman area has grown substantially,  not just in population but in the quality and quantity of restaurants, shopping, entertainment and recreational and lifesyle options.

I recently started editing and updating my 699 articles starting back in May 2007 and I am having so much fun re-discovering some old but really great posts full of helpful infomation about Lake Norman and the Lake Norman real estate market.  Since they are buried back in 2007, I thought I would share links to some of the best ones which are now updated as well.

First and foremost is my comprehensive:  Lake Norman Relocation Resource Guide. This took days to write and update but it truly is chock full of links to everything I could think of that might be of interest to my readers who are contemplating a move to Lake Norman.  It is now fully updated so if you haven’t seen it lately, check it out!

I also urge you to go and look at my 2007 and 2008 blog posts because that is when I wrote a lot about the home-buying process in Lake Norman as well.

Suggestions for future topics? Questions about life in Lake Norman or Lake Norman real estate? leave a comment and I will do my best!

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