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Relocating to Lake Norman North Carolina

Lake Norman has become a destination for so many out-of-staters that we actually have a name: “Transplants”. Or, if you are originally from the North, moved to Florida and THEN moved to Lake Norman you are known as “Half-backers” as you moved half-way back to the north!

The type and depth of the questions I get from those considering relocating to the Lake Norman area are extensive but vary considerably depending upon the person’s age, type of employment, familial status, interests in sports and hobbies, lifestyle, eating habits, and personality. I will provide answers to the most common questions now and in a separate blog post provide myriad links for you to peruse based upon your own questions, needs, concerns and interests. I hope you will find this helpful but don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me even if you just need reassurance that you are going to love living in Lake Norman! For more of my own perspective you might want to also read : Fresh Sushi, Hush Puppies, The Scoop About Relocating to Mooresville 

One of the first questions I get is about our weather; particularly concerns about the humidity in the summer, if one needs to worry about hurricanes and how cold it gets in the winter. Our great weather is one of the reasons so many choose to move to Lake Norman. We have four very distinct yet mild seasons: Spring and Fall are simply gorgeous with bright skies and mild temperatures.

The past few years we have gotten one snow storm with several inches of snow that melted that day.  Summers are warm and yes we do have some humidity but not nearly as much as the states south of us. We average about 3 inches of rain every month. The last hurricane to come this far inland with any force was Hurricane Hugo in the early 1990’s and that storm did cause trees to topple. Since then we have just experienced some rain or wind if that.

Next on many people’s lists are insects, reptiles and wildlife. Folks, we are not Florida, so even I, coming from California, find the bugs easily handled in the heart of their summer season with some deet. We have some mosquitoes but we have a monthly bug service which eliminates spiders, ants, and all other pesky insects so I personally don’t consider bugs an issue. There are a few snakes here and there although I have only seen a couple of them dead in the road. We have lots of bunnies, squirrels, some deer, raccoons and opossums plus an amazing array of birds. One of the first things I recommend is putting a least one bird feeder out. The bright red cardinals, our state bird, are so pretty but we also get blue birds and so many others that I can’t name!

Somewhere near the top on the list is how easy or hard is it to assimilate into the community? Will we be accepted and welcomed? My personal experience is that the warmth and acceptance matches your efforts to embrace the community and try to make a contribution rather than try to change it to suit your old ways. I have found our neighbors and new friends to be as warm and sincerely kind as any in the many states I have lived. Even though I went to Berkeley and am one of those crazy Californians I feel completely welcomed by the native Southerners. The one caution I would make is to please not constantly refer to your previous state as: “Well, in such and such” we did this or had that. Because transplants out-number natives you will find quite a few restaurants and markets like Trader Joes that came from other areas in the country. Stores of all kinds from all over the country are either here or planning on coming here in the near future. It’s the best of all worlds! You can eat great North Carolina barbecue one day and delicious fish tacos the next!

Sports of all kinds are a big part of life around Lake Norman; from organized competitive sports for those of all ages to every kind of water sport like sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, kite sailing, kayaking, mountain and road cycling, golf, tennis, fishing, skateboarding parks, and of course racing of everything from motorcycles to drag racers to sprint cars to NASCAR.

Are Lake Norman and towns like Mooresville, Davidson, Huntersville, Cornelius, Denver and Sherrills Ford small towns? Well, yes and no. Individually their populations are small but when you combine them and add that fact that Charlotte is about 30 miles south we have access to a metropolitan lifestyle and shopping but can also immerse ourselves in our small towns as well.

Commuting will be an issue if you plan to live in the northern Lake Norman communities and have to work in Charlotte. I have maps with estimated distances and commuting times for any of you who are interested. There are plans to widen a number of roads including the I-77 but until those are successfully completed you best consider the commuting challenges of each area carefully before deciding where to live.

One of the decisions you will need to make when looking for your ideal Lake Norman home is whether you want to live in a subdivision with lots of community amenities like pools, play grounds, golf, tennis, community meeting rooms and lake access or boat slips or independent of any planned communities. I have found that families tend to gravitate to subdivisions with amenities for their children and that us Baby Boomers tend to want to be a bit more independent and live where there are few if any community rules or restrictions.

Finally, schools, taxes and insurance rates are of great interest. In my next post I will provide all of the links that you will need to research all of the area schools, county taxes and insurance rates. In the meantime, feel free to contact me for those links or for materials I can mail to you about schools.

Want to weigh in on one of these subjects or ask a question? Use the “comment” section or email me directly. Check the link below to my two extensive resource guides/website links for Lake Norman relocation and Lake Norman sports.


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  9. Pauline Mattes says:

    Thank you so much for all your info!
    My husband & I were looking to relocate from northern Virginia 3 yrs ago but made a last minute decision to check out Apex & Raleigh, even though we are close to Lake Jordan we can’t live on it & we want to relocate to Lake Norman in 2-3 yrs so we are doing the research & will be staying on Lake Norman at the end of August to check out possible areas.

    I found all your info very helpful.
    Big thanks!


  10. Thanks Pauline, I appreciate your feedback! If you would like to tour some properties while you are here or receive more info, please email me and I’d be happy to send you a relocation package and help you plan a tour while you’re visiting. Please email We would love to help you!

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