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Lake Norman Real Estate’s Business of the Week: Josh’s Farmers Market!

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Josh's Farmers Market Mooresville Lake Norman

 Josh’s Farmers Market in Mooresville Lake Norman

If you have reason to be on Williamson Road in Mooresville you might have seen a crowded parking lot nestled in some trees on the east side of the street just south of Highway 150.  This is where Josh Graham and his wife Alicia own and operate  their popular Josh’s Farmers Market which sells seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers and from Columbia S.C.

Fresh, Locally Grown Fruits Lake norman

It’s truly like an entire farmers market all under one large tent.  The day I took these photos I bought some of the North Carolina  peaches which were ripe, and incredibly sweet as I have found all of their fresh fruits to be.  What a difference from store-bought fruits!

Fresh vegetables at Josh's Farmers Market P1020695

Besides seasonal fruits and berries, Josh also has a great variety of vegetables, fresh corn, and of course, several varieties of  juicy red tomatoes, some grown on their own land!

Every week they drive down at 2:00am to Columbia SC to “get the freshest produce” according to a recent article in the Mooresville Tribune.  “There’s not many places that you can go when the squash or blueberries were picked an hour before you buy them” according to Graham. Continue reading

Relocating? Life in Lake Norman

Lake Norman Real Estate’s “Business of the Week”: Midas Spring Water

 Midas Spring Water in Huntersville

Step aside Evian, Perrier, SanPelligrinio and Fiuggi!  Did you know that right here in our own town of Huntersville, located down a long country road off of Beatties Ford, is the Midas Spring, a “natural resource comparable to the best springs in Europe, which are prized for their health-giving benefits”? 

 We all know that water is good for us but how often do we just grab whatever bottled water on sale not knowing that all waters are not the same?

“Each mineral water has a particular content, created by the minerals it leaches from the surrounding rock in the underground aquifer where it resides” according to owner Joe Liburdi.  “Midas Spring Water is especially good since it has a very low chemical content but is rich in a few important elements.  It is considered a light mineral water….but it does have some minerals, and just the right ones at it turns out.” He offers Magnesium as an example as some research shows Magnesium can cut the risk of heart disease and may even help ADD!

       The History of Midas Spring Water

According to legend, it was the Catawba Indians who first discovered this natural spring.  Then, in 1871, John Williamson Sample (raised on the Latta Plantation) purchased the spring and created what is said to be “the oldest company in Mecklenburg Co. NC with continuous service since 1871 and one of the first bottled water companies in the country.”  Over the years stories spread of the medicinal value of Midas water; from cured kidney stones, to longevity to curing a deathly ill Indian who had been left by it’s shore to die.

Today the 52-acre Midas Spring property is owned and run by Joe Liburdi and his son Gianni Liburdi who is quick to point out how favorably Midas Spring Water compares to popular American and European waters.During my recent visit I was fortunate to meet Doug Green, production manager, who gave me a tour of the production rooms and explained more about their mineral water. Continue reading

Relocating? Life in Lake Norman

Lake Norman Real Estate’s Business of the Week: Davidson Chocolate Co.

Davidson Chocolate In Davidson Lake Norman

 For those of you who don’t frequent the charming Lake Norman college town of Davidson, you may not know that we now have THE BEST chocolate in the entire Lake Norman/Charlotte region right in our own back yard!

Located in the Harris Teeter Shopping Center, Davidson Chocolate Co. is a labor of love for owners and confectioners John and Sue Elliott. Using classic recipes from the Drost Family of Holland dating back to 1887, they create their incredible array of chocolate truffles, confections, fudge and specialty items right in their shop.

At much personal sacrifice I have made several trips to Davidson Chocolate Co. to buy samples of their truffles and bark which I can say with great enthusiasm are truly incredible!

They offer about 14 different flavors of truffles from Cappuccino to Cherry Cordial in dark, milk, white and even sugar-free chocolate.  John is constantly experimenting with new flavors.  One of the favorites is “Hot Chili”!

Using a “full-bodied 70% cocoa mass” their dark chocolates have a richness that is rarely found. Continue reading

Relocating? Life in Lake Norman

Lake Norman Real Estate’s Business of the Week: Smoothie King!

Smoothie King in Mooresville Lake Norman

If you are active, health conscious, care about nutrition, an avid cyclist or runner, love to work out at the Lowe’s YMCA or just someone who loves fruit smoothies, there is a new shop in the new Mooresville Crossing (on NC 150 with the Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy etc.)  that is a must a visit: Continue reading