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Lake Norman Real Estate’s April 2011 Wallpaper Calendar

Lake Norman Real Estate's Calendar April 2011

One of the best discoveries I have made since moving to Lake Norman NC has been the abundance of wildlife we have; from the gorgeous and great variety of birds to deer, squirrels, chipmunks, raccoon, bunnies, and even an occasional fox, beaver and muskrat to name a few.  An avid gardener, I have such fun working in my Certified Wildlife Habitat garden!

For me, the easiest and most satisfying additions to a Lake Norman garden are the many plants that attract butterflies like, of course, Butterfly Bushes, Lantana, and Cone Flowers.  Many times overlooked but equally as important are the butterfly host plants like the Milkweed/Butterfly Weed shown above.  These serve as home to the caterpillars who create their cocoons on these easy-to-grow plants.

Want to learn more?  Come visit me on April 16th (2011) at the Lake Norman Backyard Wildlife Fair being held at the McGuire Nuclear Station.  There will be all sorts of interesting booths providing information on our local wildlife, native plants as well as the different organizations like Lake Norman Wildlife Conservation and my booth for the Wild Over Lake Norman Organization.  Our goal is to make all of Lake Norman qualify as a National Wildlife Federation’s Certified Wildlife Habitat.  Drop by an learn how easy it is to have your garden designated as a Certified Wildlife Habitat! Continue reading