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Lake Norman Lake Levels: Important Update 4/5/2017

Lake Norman Lake Levels down

4/25/2017 Update:  I just checked and Lake Norman’s lake levels are up to 99.4′ thanks to our significant rainfall in the past few days.  Duke Energy provided updates for smaller lakes with some potential for flooding: Duke Energy Site.  They did not include Lake Norman or Lake Wylie in this warning. 

Duke Energy posted this important update for Lake Norman on April 3rd:

03-APR-17 Lake Normans elevation is expected to be lower than customary this year from mid April through early June. This is in part due to the Catawba River Basin being in a Low Inflow Protocol LIP drought Stage 1. Planned maintenance work at McGuire Nuclear Station requires the elevation not to exceed 96.5 ft. Once the outage is completed, we may be able to move the elevation closer toward the late spring target level of 98 ft weather permitting. Please be aware these projections can change based on actual rainfall and changes to the drought stage. Please stay alert to changing weather conditions. Updated lake levels are available any time at and at 800-829-5253.

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Gorgeous Aerial Photo of Lake Norman

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lake norman real estate

Lake Norman Real Estate’s February Calendar is Here!


Lake Norman Desktop Calendar October 2015

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Lake Norman Real Estate’s October 2015 Calendar is Here!

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Caution: Lake Norman Water Levels Unusually Low Due to Drought

Lake Norman water levels September 2015


Our recent moderate drought has hit Lake Norman particularly hard.  Today, according to Duke Energy’s daily lake level chartour lake is at 94.3 almost 4 feet below the target of 98.  If you look at the chart you will notice that Duke Energy has lowered Lake Norman’s level well below the other 16 lakes of the Catawba, Keowee-Toxaway & Broad River.  My guess is this may be in part because we have our dam so they are better able to control our levels and are allowing other lakes to retain more water in case the drought doesn’t end soon.

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Lake Norman Real Estate: Water Restrictions Lifted in Mecklenburg County!

Catawba River flowing down to Lake norman

 Thanks to our consistent rainfall this past winter and early spring, Mecklenburg County has lifted its 19-month restrictions of water use and the rest of the Lake Norman area counties are expected to follow.  Yes, it is now legal to water your lawns and wash your cars according to today’s article in the Charlotte Observer.  Although, conservation is always a good habit.  According to this article, single-family home water usage dropped 32% in Mecklenburg County since 2002.

This is today’s map from the North Carolina Drought Management Advisory Council.  Lake Norman falls in the white area which means normal conditions.  Yellow is Abnormally dry and beige is moderate drought.

Lake Norman Lake Levels today are at 98.2 with a “target” level of 96.9.  With higher water levels and all of our trees turning green and the Dogwoods and Azaleas in bloom this Easter weekend should be a spectacular day to be out on the lake!


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