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Lake Norman Home Inspections: Why the Challenges Never Change

Home inspections in Lake Norman

Home Buyer: “But when I sold my house I did ALL of the repairs.”

Buyer’s Agent: “My buyers want ALL of the items on the inspection report repaired because that is how I have always handled home inspections and I want to get the most for my client whether this is reasonable or not.”

Professional Home Inspector:“As a home inspector I have more and more liability so not only must I note every little thing I see, I also have to spell out the worst case scenario.  What if that tiny speck of fungus is mold?  Guilty until proven otherwise by the expert in each field. I can only point things out but I can’t tell you what’s really wrong because I am not an expert…call a licensed contractor.”

Listing Agent: “My sellers have taken good care of their home and this is an “as is” sale per the contract but I do need to urge my sellers to make the repairs because otherwise we may loose the buyer”.


I have been a full time Realtor since 1991 and for the most part these 4 perspectives really haven’t changed.  The result is a perpetuation of sometimes grueling negotiations, added stress for all parties and a solution that will require a complete and simultaneous mindset change by all 4 roles in the real estate sales process throughout the entire country. Yikes! Continue reading