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Lake Norman’s annual home sales report tool for 2013. Search by area and even neighborhood!

Charlotte and Lake Norman Multiple Listing Map by areas for home sales data


One of my favorite tools offered by the company who provides the home search program for this website is their reports.  I just received the link to their 2013 annual report. If you click on the area, sub-area or neighborhood a drop down box or menu will allow you to search to your heart’s delight.  Lake Norman is area 13.

What is really valuable is that you can search by neighborhood.  For example, here is a link to our luxury community The Point in Mooresville.  A quick glance shows us that the number of homes sold in The Point since 2011 has actually declined however the average price of the homes sold increased in the past three years.

A closer look at the pie charts for The Point shows us that in 2011 homes price up to $1 million comprised the greatest percentage of sales, then they dipped in 2012 when homes OVER $1 million increased to an impressive 50%.  What is really fascinating, but not surprising given the sales analysis I have done this past year, is that sales of  homes priced over $1 million in The Point actually declined as a percentage of their total sales in 2013.

You can get this same data for any area or neighborhood in Lake Norman and the greater Charlotte area.  Have some fun with this great tool!