Lake Norman photos

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Lake Norman Waterfront home with fall colors

Fall in Lake Norman NC is truly epitomized in this photo; the bright “Carolina Blue Skies”, the brilliant fall colors offered by Lake Norman’s shoreline of stunning hardwood trees, the pretty blue water, and the serenity of life at a waterfront home.  In the last few weeks we saw the last of  our warm summer temperatures give way to our nearly perfect 70 degree days and 50 degree evenings.  Windows can be open all day offering invigorating fresh air and gentle breezes in our homes.  Cycling and outdoor sports of all kinds are so much more enjoyable.  Life is good! I truly love living where we have 4 seasons.  Just as I tire of one, the next one arrives.

This gorgeous photo was taken by renowned artist Cotton Ketchie, owner of Mooresville’s Landmark Galleries, who spends much of his time driving all over North Carolina and even summer trips around the country, taking stunning photos. And, of course, he also takes some amazing photos of Lake Norman like this one. If you haven’t visited his store on Main Street in Historic Downtown Mooresville you should put it on your list for 2013! Continue reading