Lake Norman in the snow

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Yes, we do have snow here!  I actually took this photograph last year but our recent snow looked just about the same.  One of the top reasons that my relocating buyers give for wanting to live in the Lake Norman area is our 4 mild seasons and most of the time that is very accurate.  It just happens that once every winter recently we have had one “real” snow where is sticks and schools are closed.  We do own a snow shovel but this is our 11th winter here and we didn’t get it until last year! Continue reading

Lake Norman photos

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Photo of ThPhotograph of an historic home in the Lake Norman area in the snow

The Graham House in the snow

One of the most common questions I get when I first meet a new buyer relocating to Lake Norman is about our weather; especially how hot does it get in the summer and how cold in the winter.  Lake Norman enjoys very mild winters. As a snow lover I get excited each time we get a little but it rarely lasts more than a day.  However, once in a while we do get a “real snow” like in the photo above of The Graham house on Grampian Road in Mt. Ulla which is a small, rural town adjacent to Mooresville.

This gorgeous photo was taken by renowned artist Cotton Ketchie, owner of Mooresville’s Landmark Galleries, who spends much of his time driving all over North Carolina and even summer trips around the country, taking stunning photos. And, of course, he also takes some amazing photos of Lake Norman as well. If you haven’t visited his store on Main Street in Historic Downtown Mooresville you should put it on your list for 2013! Continue reading