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Lake Norman’s World Record Breaking Raft Up Party is July 25!

Lake Norman-Like Raft Up Party

Lake Norman is poised to set a new world record at the mega “Raft Up” party tomorrow, July 25th! And, this in not the first time as Lake Norman has long held the record for a Raft-Up until local officials thought it was too dangerous and stopped them in 2005.

If you are new to Lake Norman and/or aren’t settled here yet, you may be wondering exactly what is a  “Raft-Up”?.  Well, according to one Lake Norman local on the Lake Norman Sail and Power Squadron website a raft-up is:

Lots of fun with your boat sitting still in one place on the water!  Members bring their boats together at a selected location on the lake and tie together with an anchor boat. Then a really a great “cocktail party and dinner” on the water begins. We all share stories, food and beverages while enjoying the gentle rocking of the boats and possibly even some swimming.

This year’s “Lake Norman 2009 AquaPalooza” is free for all and runs from 10:00am – 4:00pm.  While the main attraction is the world record setting tying up of boats that will stretch from Lake Norman’s Midway Marina just south of  the NC 150 bridge south, there is a full day of fun planned including an on-the-water concert from 1-3pm by the Sponge Tones of Charlotte.  And, there will games for kids as well.

If you are brave enough to want to join the actual Raft Up, you can register your boat at the Aquapalooza website. I believe the current record is well over 1000 boats!  For more information you can also call Tom Riemann at 704.892.9676.  For some great photos, check out the Lake Norman Sail and Power Squadron website.  The event headquarters is Midway Marina at the 150 bridge.

So, if you love to party and love boating on Lake Norman, you simply can’t miss this day of fun and craziness.  Have fun but be safe!