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Lake Norman Real Estate: How YOU can search for “distressed” Lake Norman Homes for Sale


Lake Norman Home Foreclosure

 Unfortunately, Short Sales and Foreclosures are where the action is right now in Lake Norman home sales.  Recently, our Charlotte Multiple Listing Service added a new search field for Realtor members which enables us to search for properties that are in “distress”.  However, at this time our MLS is not providing this same capability to the public.  If you are using my property search program or any other you will not be able to specifically search for short sales or foreclosures.

I contacted the company that provides my home search program  and got them to send me a link that will allow you to search for “possible distressed properties”.  What they have done is create a program that searches the “remarks” that the listing agent inputs regarding the listing for any words that might be flagged to indicate a seller is in distress.  It seeks out words like short sale, foreclosure or auction.

I am not yet able to put this search option permanently on my website but if you bookmark this page you can use this link:  Then put a check by “Search for possible distressed sales” and then add your additional search parameters.

Let me know if you find this helpful!  As soon as our MLS allows it, I will provide you with the ability to search for short sales, foreclosures and auctions.