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Caution! What to be aware of when searching for Lake Norman homes Online

Lake Norman waterfront home on the main channel

Searching for Lake Norman homes for sale on the Internet just keeps getting easier and better. About one third of online real estate searches are done using one of the top three websites, Zillow, Trulia and with Zillow far and away the most popular.  Thanks to their stiff competition for market share, home buyers and sellers now have almost as much data and information available to them as Realtors which is really awesome! (Despite what some real estate agents might say.)

The cautionary note that I want to underscore after observing many of my clients recently is that they tend to give too much credence to the online data, especially on Zillow.  The problem is, while Zillow has come a long way over the years, it’s Zestimates and raw data are still flawed. Yes,  Zestimates are substantially better than when they launched years ago, but they can be far enough off to frustrate a seller and shouldn’t weigh too heavily on a buyer’s idea of market value. Continue reading