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Lake Norman property tax rates by county and city

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 Lake Norman’s low property taxes are one of the attractions for home buyers considering a relocation to our beautiful area.  However, because Lake Norman falls in 4 different counties and ten towns for prospective home buyers it can be a bit of a challenge trying to get a sense of what their property taxes will be in any given location.

A special note!  I just updated the numbers below to our 2018 tax rates.  All properties were just reassessed for 2019 as they are every 8 years in North Carolina.  The last reassessment was 2011 and the next will be 2027. The new assessed values are just coming out and some properties have risen more than others so make sure to find out the new assessed value of a property of interest to you! These new assessed values will be used in our upcoming 2018-2019 tax bills.

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Lake Norman Real Estate Market Reports

Lake Norman Real Estate’s May 2016 Market Report: What the?

I have been searching for just the right word to describe our May sales numbers.  Confounding? Bewildering? Perplexing? I am truly dumbfounded. What the heck is going on? How can Lake Norman have record breaking numbers of new contracts for months yet log in such disappointing closed sales numbers?  I have some theories but nothing concrete to back them up. Let’s take a closer look:

Lake Norman real estate May 2016 home sales

* All data is from the Carolina Multiple Listing Service.

Some significant additional statistics for you:

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