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Lake Norman Market Trend Graphs in Real Time!

Today I am launching a new feature on my Lake Norman Real Estate site.  I now have a real-time automatically updated graph of the number of active listings and homes sold in all of Lake Norman by month for the past three years.  These easy to read graphs provide simple but great insight into today’s trends in an historical context.  To get the latest number just click on Lake Norman Market Trends. .

Here are this month’s graphs:


Lake Norman graph of sales trends by month

*Note that the sales numbers aren’t updated until the 20th of each month.

Above is the graph of single family homes sold in Lake Norman for the past 6 months.  You can clearly see our record-breaking months from May – August and then our nose dive in September with a slight uptick in October.   I just discussed this in detail in the Lake Norman Real Estate Market Report October 2018.


Lake Norman real estate graph of active listings


Above is the active listing graph.  As you can see our inventory of active listings was significantly lower from June – September compared to prior years and even this month we are below 2016 and 2017.

I will update this post monthly for you!