Lake Norman Real Estate Market Reports

Lake Norman Real Estate’s July 2019 Market Report

Lake Norman real estate market report spreadsheet

All data is from the Carolina Multiple Listing Service.

So, despite pretty strong under contract and pending sales on last month’s market report, our Lake Norman home sales in July were not only 7% below July 2018’s but they were also 16.9% below last month’s. July was the second month in a row that our Lake Norman home sales were below last year’s. After a great start to 2019 we are definitely experiencing a softening of our housing market. Despite these drops, we are still 2.8% higher for the first 7 months of 2019 compared to 2018.  My numbers below should provide some deeper insight into where we are headed as well as details regarding this month’s sales.

Here are what I feel to be the biggest takeaways from July’s Lake Norman real estate sales data:

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Lake Norman Real Estate’s 4th Quarter 2018 Market Report by Price Range

Lake Norman experienced a dramatic slowdown in our 4th quarter but that doesn’t mean there weren’t “hot” niches.  The best way to understand our hot and cold niches is by analyzing our sales by price range which is why I create this chart each quarter.

If you are a home buyer or seller in the Lake Norman area it matters most what is happening in YOUR price-range. Yes, it is important to know about the global, national, and Charlotte area economy and real estate market but real estate is hyper-local so it is most meaningful for you to learn about the Lake Norman real estate market and within that, your specific niche. For instance, if you are looking to buy or sell in the $900,000 price range, you are going to have an entirely different experience than someone in the $800,000’s. And, if you considering a broader range of prices, this chart can help you develop a more effective strategy by narrowing your search based upon actual strengths and weaknesses within our Lake Norman price ranges.

The single most important number in this chart is the last column which provides that month’s of supply for each price range.  Keeping in mind that economists use 6-months supply as a balanced market and anything below that as a seller’s market and above 6 months as a buyer’s market, you can quickly determine this past quarter’s strengths and weaknesses.  Overall, at 5.77 months of supply of active listings, Lake Norman ended the year in a balanced market.

Lake Norman’s 4th Quarter 2018 Home Sales By Price Range

Lake Norman real estate home sales by price range 4th quarter 2018

*Compiled from the Carolina Multiple Listing Service’s data.  Note that the numbers in this chart are generated by a technology expert I hired and not by me. The mapped perimeter of our Lake Norman area that he used for this chart’s numbers is slightly different from mine.

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Lake Norman Market Trend Graphs in Real Time!

In November I launched a new feature on my Lake Norman Real Estate site.  I now have a real-time automatically updated graph of the number of active listings and homes sold in all of Lake Norman by month for the past three years.  These easy to read graphs provide simple but great insight into today’s trends in an historical context.  To get the latest number just click on Lake Norman Market Trends. .

Here are this month’s graphs:

Lake Norman homes sold for past 3 years graph by month


*Note that the sales numbers aren’t updated until the 20th of each month.

Above is the graph of single family homes sold in Lake Norman for the past 6 months.  You can clearly see our record-breaking months from May – August and then our nose dive in September with a slight uptick in October, down in November and December.   I discussed this in detail in the Lake Norman Real Estate Market Report December 2018.


Lake Norman real estate graph of homes sold trends


Above is the active listing graph.  As you can see our inventory of active listings was significantly lower from June – September compared to prior years and as of today are actually about even with the past 2 Decembers.  Keep in mind that those years we also had very low inventory of homes for sale!

I will update this post monthly for you!

Lake Norman Real Estate Market Reports

Lake Norman Real Estate’s September 2017 Market Report

September numbers are out! Here are what I feel are the biggest takeaways from last month’s Lake Norman real estate sales numbers:

  • We had another awesome month, logging in an all time September record of 194 closed sales of single family homes! (See green and yellow chart below).
  • At 1525 closed sales, our first 9 months of 2017 exceeded all previous years in Lake Norman’s history, even exceeding 2005’s previous record high by 7%.
  • My excitement about our luxury market last month has been tempered slightly as we currently has 29 properties over $1 million under contract down from 42 last month.
  • For the second straight month waterfront homes are in a sellers’ market but there are some worrisome signs that this momentum might not be sustained so it will be important to watch this trend going forward.
  • Our trade-up price ranges from $600,000-$999,999 represented almost 1/4 of our sales and our current properties under contract again showing signs of stability after many years of struggling to recover.

In a nutshell, these numbers mean that our overall strong sales are no longer erratic but instead impressively consistent in beating prior year’s numbers month after month.  While there is no guarantee that this will continue long term, they are still tremendous accomplishments for our Lake Norman real estate market.  It looks like 2017 will be the single best year for home sales in Lake Norman’s history. But I am not going to celebrate just yet as I want to watch the waterfront and luxury niches carefully to see if they can finally regain their pre-recession levels.

Let’s take a closer look:

Lake Norman Housing Report September 2017

All data is from the Carolina Multiple Listing Service.

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