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The 2014 Rural Hill Amazing Maize Maze Opens this Friday!

Rural Hill's AmazingMaize Maze in Huntersville
How would you like to get lost in a giant corn maze, learn a bit of local history and help preserve the historic 1760 Scottish homestead “Rural Hill” located right here in Huntersville Lake Norman all at the same time?

Then you are in for a treat if you go to Rural Hill’s Amazing Maize Maze this fall!  Above is a photo I took at the end of the getting lost part on their “Victory Bridge”. My daughter and I got a little too hot and tired so ended up asking for help which is readily available for those less hardcore but if you are inclined and have the time and energy, by all means go for the full tour. And, for those of you who are really looking for a challenge, try their evening Flashlight Maze!

Let me break this down for you:

  • Getting lost in a giant corn maze: The idea is to start at the bottom of the 7- acre field and work your way through 2 miles of interconnected paths cut out of a field of corn to the other side.  The is one of the largest corn mazes in the Southeast. Here is a step by step guide: Amazing Maize Maze
  • Learn a bit of local history: Rural Hill is the historic 265-acre homestead of Major John and Violet Davidson a descendant of Scottish immigrants who joined the Patriotic cause during the American Revolution. Rural Hill grew to be one of the most prosperous plantations in the Piedmont Carolinas. 6 Generations of the Davidson family lived at Rural Hill for more than 230 years. “Their fascinating stories are here for you to learn and appreciate”.
  • Help preserve the historic Rural Hill: The Catawba Valley Scottish Society, which is the steward of this historic farm, is in the process of restoring the 265 acres of majestic rural vistas, 11 historic and reconstructed buildings, a variety of farm animals, and walking trails throughout the site.

Did you know that the historic corridor that runs from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina to the Atlantic Coast in South Carolina was one of the most significant corridors of Scots and Scots-Irish settlements in Colonial America? And, the Carolinas are still home to one of the highest concentrations of people of Scottish or Scottish-Irish decent in the U.S. Well, it just happens that I am about one-fourth Scottish and my husband is half Irish so perhaps we will meet some distant relatives here one day!

Rural Hill Corn Maze in Lake Norman area

The “Amazing Maize Maze” opens this Friday, the 12th,  in Huntersville just off Beatties Ford Rd. Times and ticket information as well as great guides are available on their website. However, it is not just a corn maze, after you have successfully found your way through the maze you can then head on out for food, hayrides, and more fun; you’ve earned it! 

The maze is just one of the Rural Hill’s many fun and growing number of events.  Their Fall Food Truck Rally is September 26th, an antique tractor show is in October,  the Sheep Dog Trials and Dog Festival are in in November, every April the have their big Scottish Festival and Loch Norman Highland Games, and in May of 2015 is the North Carolina Brewers and Music Festival.

Historic Scottish Rural Hill


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