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The Lake Norman drought; where do we stand today?

It was 79 degrees today but I’m not celebrating or truly even enjoying the recording breaking warm weather. I think our cold weather had eased my concerns about our drought since we didn’t have to think about watering our garden. Talk of the drought was all but gone from the news until a small article in The Charlotte Observer “Charlotte area unlikely to see new water limits for months”yesterday.

Despite “a worsening drought and dry forecast“, Duke Energy doesn’t expect to declare a Stage 4 drought in mid-December as it had earlier predicted because one out of three of their key indicators, the lake levels, still support only a stage 3 level of restrictions. They now expect a Stage 4 declaration in February.

Somehow, the fact that Duke “has revised an earlier forecast for when the usable water in the reservoirs will be gone to mid-May instead of mid-March” doesn’t really make me feel any better, especially with the forecast for a dry winter looming in front of us.

So, exactly where are we right now? According to Duke Energy, today Lake Norman is at 93.2 VS 93.4 when I wrote: Rain and Lake Norman Drought; an important update!. (October 27th). And, our aquifer has actually gone up a foot to 6.6. However, if you look at a 20-year average of 4.99 we are still a foot and a half lower than normal for December. (There are links in this article to the Duke Energy lake levels and the aquifer tables).

Now that all of the trees have lost their leaves we again have a wonderful view of Lake Norman from our front porch; only this year we see more stark beaches than sparkling water. So, I’m going to keep conserving water hoping for the good old days when we could take our boat out and our biggest complaint was loud speed boats traveling too close to the shore. I don’t think I have ever appreciated Lake Norman more than I do today!


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