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The Silent Majority of Lake Norman Real Estate: Part 1

Lake Norman waterfront log cabinMost articles about Lake Norman real estate and even most Lake Norman area real estate websites focus primarily on the many wonderful subdivisions in our area. However, these subdivisions do not reflect the majority of homes and neighborhoods along the shores of Lake Norman. I would guess that more than half of the homes along the lake are NOT in large subdivisions and therefore offer an entirely different lifestyle many times overlooked by those relocating.

To understand this split-personality one needs to know a bit about our history. Lake Norman is a result of Duke Energy’s design to harness the power of the Catawba River. In order to accomplish this feat Duke purchased all of the land that was to be flooded and that now borders the 520 miles of shoreline.


Lake Norman waterfront homeAfter the successful creation of Lake Norman in the 1960s, Duke gave the displaced farmers and residents of the now flooded towns waterfront lots. While thought worthless by many, over time the shorelines were dotted with modest cabins, homes and even mobile homes. It was only after the completion of I-77 that Duke’s development arm, Crescent Communities, began to create wonderful upscale waterfront subdivisions.


Lake Norman waterfront estateTwo of the best examples of life outside of subdivisions and two of my favorite areas are the wonderfully eclectic neighborhoods off of Chuckwood Road and McKendree Road. Each is a small peninsula of of Brawley School with a mixture of log cabins, modest lake homes, old mobile homes and brand new grand estates. (The mobile home above is right next door to this estate!)

Lake Norman waterfront homeMany of the homes are hidden amongst the forests of trees. For the most part you will feel like you have entered a forest retreat, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the shopping and restaurants just miles away. Here you can find a calmer, gentler life where people have vegetable gardens, wave at complete strangers and cherish the natural beauty that surrounds them.

This is the first of a series of articles I will write highlighting these as well as other special Lake Norman neighborhoods for those who seek to find a home, as my husband and I did, that provides the best of Lake Norman’s natural beauty, serenity, wild life and wonderful neighbors who share their freshly grown berries or tomatoes!


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