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Trader Joe’s is coming to Lake Norman!

Trader Joes Closest to Lake Norman

Some might ask why the fact that a small grocery store opening in the Charlotte area would make the front page of The Charlotte Observer. Well, I can only guess that those who are asking have never shopped at a Trader Joe’s! Because once you have been to a Trader Joe’s you will find yourself going back again and again and again.

In fact, they have such a cult following that there are even groups formed to lobby the privately owned company to open a store in their neighborhood/city.

I feel that I was indeed quite fortunate to live in Pasadena where Trader Joe’s was born. I even knew the original owners who have since sold it to another private company. As this wonderful company evolved, they never lost the essence of what makes them Trader Joe’s and yet I’m not sure I can describe their essence in words. It is a small grocery store, kind of healthy, reasonably priced, a unique and even exotic selection of salads and ready to eat fresh and frozen foods, fresh organic produce, meats, imported cheeses, beers, wines, lot of nuts, desserts, candy (incredible chocolate), staples like milk and eggs and unusal items that they buy in bulk for a one-time only opportunity.

This is one of their most famous items. Truly good wine for $2!

Entrance to Trader Joes in Lake Norman area

When you approach the front doors of a Trader Joe’s, you will be welcomed by an incredible array of fresh flowers and plants. As you enter the store, you will be greeted by more fresh flowers and orchid plants, and also a friendly hello from one of the ‘crew” in a Hawaiian shirt. The nautical island theme may escape you as your eyes are drawn immediately to the front displays of whatever interesting items they are featuring…everything from wine to Italian Panetones…always at incredibly low prices. You see, Trader Joe’s is about really cool, delicious foods and beverages at very reasonable to even low prices. You simply can’t beat that combination!

Trader Joes is now open!

1820 E Arbors Dr
Charlotte, NC
(704) 688-9578


6 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s is coming to Lake Norman!

  1. Vincent Sabatino Sr. says:

    When I lived in NJ I shopped at Trader Joe’s for special items that couldn’t be found elsewhere like 21 Spice salute , Special Pumpkin Pie Spice and Smoked Paprika, Breads that were fantastic and Dunkers , Unbelievable cookies made especially for dunking. I lived alone and didn’t need many of the other food items that were offered but their prices were very fair and tempting. There were samplings of items that lured me in to taste and usually bought them because they were great and exclusive to TJ’s

  2. Margie Lewis says:

    PLEASE put a Trader Joe’s in Huntersville or Cornelius or even Denver( which is growing like crazy!). The taxes are lower in Denver since it is in Lincoln County! The closest store is the Mallard Creek store and it is 20 something miles away, not a convenient trip for anyone in our area! I have heard soooo many people ask why we can’t have on in the lake area! We have every one else, Earthfare, Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Aldi but no Trader Joe’s which is the best of any of the others! There are plenty of great locations and I promise you will do the most business of all your stores!!! We love Trader Joe’s!!! Please locate one in the Lake Norman area!!

  3. Margie, I totally agree with you! I had hoped that after they opened the three in Charlotte what we would be next but it never happened. Hopefully soon! I have no connection to Trader Joe’s but maybe email them?

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