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Update: Homes currently available in Lake Norman’s Crescent Communities?

The Crescent Homes’ communities at Lake Norman including their newest at Falls Cove, plus Sailview in Denver, The Point and The Farms in Mooresville and The Peninsula in Cornelius are some of the most beautiful in Lake Norman; offering exceptional amenities and community activities. I just received this update on the specifics of all of their available homes. If you are just thinking about relocating to Lake Norman perusing these links will give you a better idea of what the more upscale communites offer.

Homes on the Rise at Falls Cove
Construction at Falls Cove is continuing at full force. Currently, 16 homes are under way and all are in the $500s and $600s – this is a great time for you to become part of Crescent’s new community on Lake Norman. Click here to view a list of all available homes at Falls Cove.

Find Your Ideal Home at The Point
Whether you are looking for a home on the golf course, on Lake Norman or with a view, The Point can deliver. Click here to check out The Point’s inventory, including nine homes on the golf course, three on the water and two with impressive views.

Four- and Five-Bedroom Homes at SailView
If you are looking for a four- or five-bedroom house, SailView has nine homes that fit the bill. With many of these homes priced in the $500s and $600s, now is the time to get in on the few remaining homes at SailView. Click here to see all available homes.

Available Homes Inventory

Falls Cove has 15 homes in the $500s and 1 home in the $600s. All 16 homes are Ready To Customize (RTC).

The Farms has 8 homes in the $500s, 24 in the $600s and 9 in the $700s. Of the 41 homes, 22 are complete and 19 are RTC.

The Peninsula has 1 RTC home for more than $3 million.

The Point has 1 home in the $600s, 10 from the $700s to $900s, 12 in the $1-million range and 1 for more than $2 million. Of the 24 homes, 12 are complete and 12 are RTC.

SailView has 6 homes in the $500s, 3 in the $600s and 1 in the $1-million range. Of the 10 homes, 7 are complete and 3 are RTC.

the Sanctuary has 8 homes in the $1-million range and 5 in the $2-million range. Of the 13 homes, 4 are complete and 9 are RTC



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2 thoughts on “Update: Homes currently available in Lake Norman’s Crescent Communities?

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  2. Ann Sconyers says:

    I am looking to relocate to the Mooresville area and I have found several homes in the Falls Cove development in Troutman but don’t know if I want that far out. Also, I have heard that this community is in financial trouble so I am a little reluctant to buy there. Do you happen to know anything about this? I found several homes in The Point but you obviously don’t get as much for your money there. Resale is very important to me so I don’t know if that is a better option anyway than Falls Cove.

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