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Relocating to Lake Norman; What You Should Know Before Buying Real Estate: Part 5

Every state and region of our country has its own areas of focus when doing a home inspection and the Mooresville Lake Norman area is no different.

In Parts 1-4 I discussed the real estate contracts, siding, moisture issues, pest reports and radon. There are three additional inspections and reports you should also consider ordering  AT THE SAME TIME AS THE PHYSICAL INSPECTIONS:

  1. Water test if your Lake Norman home has it’s own well (And most either have their own well or a community well)
  2. Septic Tank Inspection and Pumping
  3. Survey of lot lines

Well Water: If the home you are purchasing is close to Lake Norman or beyond the city limits of Mooresville or any of the surrounding towns it most likely will have its own well. It is recommended that you have the well water tested during the physical inspection period. New Construction is required to pass a water test before it will get occupancy clearance. You can do further research about North Carolina Drinking Water at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website. They also provide a list of State Certified Laboratories that test drinking water and contact information for our NC drinking water offices. While the EPA is not responsible for private well water they do recommend that well owners have their water tested annually.

A Septic System ”consists of an underground tank and a leach or drainage field that work to purify household waste water. Sewage sits in an anaerobic bacteria which breaks down the solids. The fluid that leaves the tank is called effluent. It flows into the pump tank and after the effluent level reaches a certain level then the effluent is pumped to a leach field and ito the surrounding soil. The soil filters the fluids, aerobic bacteria breaks down the effluent into chemicals that support vegetation.”

A septic inspector will mark the septic fields and inspect the tank and the system for proper seals and filtration. They may recommend having the septic tank pumped, repaired or even replaced.

Lot Survey: North Carolina Real Estate Attorneys, lenders and title companies all recommend that home buyers get a professional survey of their property before purchasing. While this is not mandatory, it will make sure you know exactly where your property lines are so that you can make sure there are on encroachments or other problems that could surface after closing, most commonly when putting up a fence. The cost of a survey depends on the surveyor and the size and difficulty of the lot.


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