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Why a “Dated” Home in Lake Norman?

Home in Lake Norman's Luxury Community The Peninsula

One of the adjustments I had to make when I moved to Lake Norman in 2005 from Pasadena CA was the transition from selling historic, Pre-World War II homes to mostly new or newer construction.  We didn’t even have Great Rooms and the Master Bedrooms were always upstairs!  Synthetic stucco, what was that?

By far the biggest difference was that when buying historic properties most buyers expected to do at least some painting and remodeling. Here, I have found that most Lake Norman home buyers are not willing to consider a “dated” home and may even reject a home because of the paint colors.  Before the recession this wasn’t such a challenge because so many of our popular subdivisions were new or relatively new.  But today, even homes built in the 1990’s which include such great communities as The Peninsula, The Harbour at The Point and even the earliest phases of The Point are now “dated”.  They may still have brass fixtures, older kitchens and bathrooms, ready-to-be-replaced HVAC units and roofs and need new paint/flooring etc.  Plus, their floor plans may not be as open as a they are today.

So, here is the thing, the post-recession reality is that Lake Norman has limited waterfront properties and the bulk of the homes with good water and in popular subdivisions in the southern half of the lake are now at least a little “dated”.  If potential home buyers want to live in wonderful, established neighborhoods or want great waterfronts you should mentally be open to making some changes or even doing some remodeling.  Buying a “dated” home provides a wonderful opportunity to make the changes you want and personalize your home. Remodeling may seem daunting but it can be really exciting and rewarding.  If you can’t find your dream home then create  it…make it unique and special; make it yours! Plus, dated homes are less expensive!

Now, if you are a Lake Norman home seller, especially of a home built in the 1990’s with older appliances, HVAC, roof and brass fixtures, I would highly recommend that you update these before putting your home on the market.  A fresh coat of paint in today’s popular colors is always a good idea.

Speaking of today’s latest trends, did you know that white kitchens are now “in”? And, gone are large Master Bath garden tubs.  Many designers are now eliminating those unused giant bathtubs that were put in almost every luxury Master Bathroom just a few years ago.

If you want some awesome inspiration for your home and garden, present or future, just spend some time on and I think the idea of remodeling and personalizing your home will become exciting and a lot of fun! Just sayin’.


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