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Why a Lake Norman Real Estate Blogsite and how to use it!

When I tell people that I have a real estate blog I usually get an odd sort of nod in response as if to say, that’s nice but why?Aren’t blogs for politics, pundits and social media addicts?   And, why a blog rather than a traditional, static real estate website?

What is so cool is that this blog is actually both a real estate website where you can simply search all day for properties in the Lake Norman area AND a blog where you can also read over 700 articles I have written about my favorite topics:

  1. The Lake Norman real estate market ( I do at least two comprehensive home sales analysis every month to keep my readers up to date on the everything from overall home sales to waterfront home sales to new construction and even comparing Lake Norman to the national housing market).
  2. Relocating to Lake Norman
  3. Life in Lake Norman
  4. Local news that my readers might find particularly interesting
  5. Photos and more Photos and videos are coming too!

The traditional real estate websites all seem the same to me. You can go and search for listings in every way imaginable, get standard, boiler-plate information for buyers and sellers about real estate and learn about why you simply must use Rita Real Estate because she is #1 and sold millions of houses and has a really old photo that doesn’t even look like her.  (Okay, that was simply mean! But true ;-).

 My Lake Norman Real Estate blog is a whole different way to learn about real estate which enables the consumer to get all of the services and property search tools found on old-fashioned sites AND learn real, up-to-date and personalized information about a community, neighborhoods, real estate sales trends and guidance from me, a real estate agent who is working every day in the community about which I write.

How to use this Lake Norman Blog-site

Property Searches:

Notice the SEARCH FOR HOMES link at the top of my home page. My blog’s property search has all of the MLS listings that typical real estate websites have as well as some cool tools to research a property, find out the absorption rates and get an estimate of value which uses a unique program created by a local Charlotte based company.


This is Lake Norman:

This is similar to what you are reading right now!


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Diane Aurit:

Here is where you learn about me including my experience, education and client testimonials


Contact :  Email or call me anytime!


It is my goal to convey to my readers my passion for Lake Norman, my expertise as a Realtor and my desire to work with clients with whom I share a mutual trust and respect.

So that’s it! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Now, if you have any questions or suggestions for topics that I should write about please leave me a comment or contact me directly!





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