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Why are so many Californians moving to Lake Norman NC?


When I tell folks around here that my husband and I moved to Lake Norman from California for no other reason than we wanted to, many of them seemed surprised.  So, when I got this update from a great blog in the Palo Alto area  3 Oceans Real Estate, it was just too great an opportunity to share a glimpse into their current market to pass up.  Remember, the California housing market was hit much harder and earlier than our Lake Norman area:

“As a couple of data points, our listing for a three bedroom home at 842 Sycamore Drive in Palo Alto, an entry-level home priced at $949,000, received 14 offers and sold for over $1,100,000. A similar property nearby on Greer received 12 offers the same week and sold for just under $1,100,000 vs. a list price of $979,000″.

842 Sycamore Drive, Palo Alto

So, for $1.1 million dollars you could have out-bid 13 other buyers and won this lovely “starter” home in Palo Alto.  Or, for about $1 million dollars you could have purchased this waterfront estate on Lake Norman:
Hmmm, I think I made my point!
(Photos courtesy of Nadine Roberts, Prudential Carolinas Realty, Denver NC)

4 thoughts on “Why are so many Californians moving to Lake Norman NC?

  1. Exactly! And the same is true of Seattle. I can scratch and claw my way to a rundown 1920’s rambler for $1M or I can live on a beautiful lake with a house 2X or more the size for the same price or less. Easy choice if your work or retirement allows you geographic flexibility.

  2. Mason, what is interesting is how many properties in areas like Seattle and California are now getting multiple offers and selling over asking. We are still seeing foreclosures, shortsales and the like sitting on the market before selling. My guess is that we are about 10 months behind the West Coast so perhaps next spring we will have cut our inventory sufficently to see our days on the market drop substantially.

  3. Meghan Ramaos says:

    Hi Diane,

    What was it like to relocate from the West Coast to NC? I’m a Realtor in Las Vegas and am originally from CA. I’m tired of the hot, hot summers and long for greener pastures. =) My husband is from NYC and I’d like to be closer to his family – but without the brutal winters. I keep coming back to the Carolinas – and recently discovered the Charlotte area.

    I have a million questions – but mostly was it a major adjustment?

    ~~Meghan Ramos

  4. Hi Meghan,

    I will send you an email because there is so much to say! The biggest adjustment for me was starting my business over after 14 years as a Realtor in CA. But, 5 years later I am loving work too! I lived in Scottsdale AZ years ago so I know what you mean by the heat. I hated it there!…I’ll email you!

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