Why a Lake Norman Blog?

Why Lake Norman

When my husband and I purchased a home in Lake Norman and moved here from California back in 2005 I felt confident about the home-buying process since I had been a Realtor in California for the past 14 years.  It wasn’t until I started taking the real estate classes to get my North Carolina license well after our move that I realized how little I had been taught by our Lake Norman native Realtor about the real estate process and the area in general!  He simply didn’t understand what we didn’t know.

It was this experience that led me to launch this Lake Norman Real Estate blog back in 2007.  I didn’t want just another traditional real estate website where you can go and search for listings in myriad ways (but the same results), get standard, boiler-plate information for buyers and sellers about real estate and about why you simply must use Rita Real Estate because she is #1 and sold millions of houses.

I wanted to create something meaningful for today’s savvy and not-so-savvy home buyers and sellers.  And, I wanted to educate readers who were planning a move to Lake Norman so that they had all of the tools and knowledge that I was lacking when we moved here.  Specifically, my goal was and is to provide comprehensive information about the real estate process and meaningful insight into the Lake Norman housing market through detailed sales analysis.  In addition, I write a lot about life in Lake Norman to help those relocating here to get a true sense of our communities, neighborhoods, lifestyles, restaurants, shopping, sports and recreation and so much more!  

I recently turned the reins of my beloved blog over to the very capable hands of Abigail Jennings, owner extraordinaire of Lake Norman Realty. A native of our area, she will share her wealth of information about the Lake Norman area that goes far beyond my own.  Hopefully you will find the best of both worlds here!

How to use this Lake Norman Blogsite

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  • This tab will take you directly to what is called my IDX or property search program. This property search program includes every property in the Charlotte Regional MLS  (now named Canopy) just like every other local real estate website. I am excited about the features which allow you to search for sold properties, comparable properties and provides a Google Map on the front page of your search results in addition to the traditional MLS information.

Why a Lake Norman Blog

  • This is what you are reading right now!

Navigating the home page:

With this mobile-friendly design all you do is simply scroll down and read.  As you get to the bottom of the page it will refresh with more posts so if you want to you can keep scrolling and read all of the hundreds of blog posts I have written.  The most recent article is always at the top.

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So, why are we willing to share ALL of my years of experience and insight with total strangers on the Internet?

  • We want to help educate buyers and sellers in our Lake Norman communities in order to empower them to make wise decisions
  • We want buyers and sellers to get to know us before we meet so that when we meet we will already know we are a good “fit”.

Blogs are simply the best of all worlds IF the real estate agent/blogger is writing their own articles and providing truly honest and valuable information to their readers. It is our goal to educate and to convey to our readers our passion for Lake Norman, our expertise as brokers and to connect with clients with whom we share a mutual trust and respect.

So that’s it! Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Now, if you have any questions or suggestions for topics that I should write about please leave a comment or contact us directly!